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Everyone is now aware that the growth in the world’s population has a certain ecological impact.

In order to live together on a planet whose resources are both limited and unequally distributed and progress in a sustainable and responsible manner, it is imperative that we take immediate steps, here and now, to involve ourselves in a policy of economic development aiming to harmonise social relations and respect the environment of tomorrow.

Ethics charter

By its very nature an economic entity, a company has a duty to generate profit.

Being competitive and offering our shareholders a return on investment, proof of their support, their confidence and therefore their willingness to invest, are our major objectives.

In the same way innovation, which creates value, lies at the very heart of the Group’s strategy in order to assure its profitability.


However, profitability is far from being the only challenge for the future we have to face.
A new sustainability factor is emerging, which bears witness to the ability of the Group to react in an appropriate manner:

The quality of its social and environmental policy

Social imbalances or a disproportionate exploitation of natural resources lead to harmful consequences that could have an adverse effect on the future of the Group.

The Group therefore has a duty to anticipate and be fully aware of human and environmental impacts.

It is for these reasons that Sauermann has decided to commit itself to a sustainable development approach and in an economically profitable, socially equitable and ecologically responsible ethical approach at all levels of the company and on all continents.

Commitments charter

A pro-active player in sustainable development, the Sauermann Group has set itself concrete objectives with a view to participating in a better future with all of its personnel and partners.

  • To contribute to ensuring that sustainable development is an issue, challenge and project shared by everyone. 
  • To demonstrate that everyone is concerned and has to act individually, professionally, locally, nationally and internationally,
  • To ensure that each action can be measured in a visible manner.
  • To attain these goals, the Sauermann Group develops training actions:
  • Internally: to ensure its members of staff are aware of its values and its ethics so that everyone progresses in the same sense.
  • Externally: the Sauermann Group undertakes to inform its customers, partners and suppliers of its policy and its actions in favour of sustainable development.
These actions

These actions apply to each of its production sites, each of its subsidiaries and each of its sales divisions.

The Sauermann Group has taken the decision to measure their effectiveness every year in every country.



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