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Sauermann Launches New Si-20 & Omega Pack in North America

Sauermann announces the arrival of two (2) brand new condensate removal solutions, designed specifically for the North American market. The Si-20 and the Omega Pack.

The Si-20 is designed with installation versatility in mind. Its slim design allows it to easily fit inside a mini-split air conditioner, but also alongside the unit (in lineset cover), or remotely above in a drop ceiling. It is suitable for air conditioning units up to 5.6 tons (67Btu/h – 20 kW).  

The piston technology is specifically constructed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems. The Si-20 is fully reliable in any kind of environment. Its operating sound level will remain silent (22 dBA) whatever the amount of condensate.  

Extra features such as a custom designed rubber damper, and a pre-installed Drain Safe Device (DSD) make the Si-20 the future market standard. 



The Si-20 pump is also available in the Omega Pack. This complete kit, intended for wall mounted air conditioning units for installation Under the Unit. The assembly includes pre-mounted pieces allowing an easy, as well as reversible (under either side of the unit) installation.  

It is also fitted with the unique rubber damper designed to reduce vibration, and insulation included on the discharge line, all of which assist in making this pump silent at 22 dBA.

More about the Si-20 :

>> See Si-20 product page

>> Download Si-20 Data Sheet

More about the OMEGA PACK :

>> See OMEGA PACK product page

>> Download OMEGA PACK Data Sheet


Sauermann is now even closer to the contractor!

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