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Piston pumps



A piston sucks up then evacuates the condensation water.

image Si-20


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image Si-10


NEW The high performance Si-10 is suitable for air-conditioning units up to 5.6 tons (67 kBtu - 20 kW).  The piston technology is specifically designed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems.  The Si-10 is fully reliable, in any kind of environment. Its operating sound level will remain silent whatever the volume of condensates.

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image Delta Pack

Delta Pack

Contents specifically designed for a quick installation of the pump inside an elbow. Insulation foam, anti vibration bracket and direct wall mounting make it silent. Installation on the wall, on the right or on the left of the air conditioner.

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image Si-30


One pump for any air conditioner up to 5.6 tons (67 kBtu - 20 kW). Sauermann patented technology inside, specifically designed for draining condensates from air conditioning systems.
Unequalled operating sound level, <20 dBA, whatever the amount of condensates to drain.

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image Si-33


The patented Sauermann technology inside the pump makes it fully reliable, in any kind of environment. The high performance and high flow rate seriously reduce operation time and energy consumption.

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image SI 3100

SI 3100

Specially designed for air conditioning units with limited internal space. With the elimination of the filter these pumps are much less sensitive to clogging.
Available only in South America

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