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A few Basic Rules



A few Basic Rules

Before carrying out any operation on the pump: make sure the installation is disconnected from the power supply.

Before installation, thoroughly rinse the coil and the condensates collection tank to remove any foreign bodies and metal particles.

Detection unit installation

The detection unit can be connected in 3 ways:

The detection unit must be fixed horizontally on a support.

The detection unit can be connected either at the front or the rear. Supplied as standard: outlet at back. Blank the unused outlet with the plug supplied.

The vent pipe allows the air to be bled from the detection unit.
You are advised to use the Ø 0.16” x 2.95'' in lenght clear tube supplied.
Its length allows the upper level of the tube to be slightly above the maximum level of the condensates drain tank. In the event of a fault, this avoids overspill (principle of communicating vessels). When commissioning, ensure that this breather tube does not contain any water.
Do not use a longer tube than the one supplied (2.95” long).

Pump installation

Acceptable position


Recommended position
Vertical discharge guarantees that the non return valve is watertight.

Avoid all other positions

The electrical connection must always be above the water inlet/outlet.


Ensure that the condensates pass through the pump in the correct direction (see arrow on unit)






The pump must not be splashed nor located in a damp environment.

Caution : Water may accumulate due to condensation of the tube or leak from the clear tube/pump end piece connection and may drip on the pump.




To avoid siphoning, the end of the discharge line must terminate minimum 4” above the level of the condensate collection tray.

If the end of the discharge line is terminated below the level of the condensate collection tray then siphoning effect will occur in the pipes and the pump will become unprimed. The pump will periodically vibrate and become noisy.

Siphon effect causes fatal damage to the pump.


 See animation: How to connect the evacuation tube in order to avoid siphoning


First commission


To ensure that the pumps function correctly in the future, ensure that when you first commission them (and after each maintenance operation) the pumps are properly primed. Check that the suction pipe (between the detection unit and the pump) and part of the discharge pipe are filled with water. You can use the priming squeezie bottle ACC 00401.

Failure to observe these rules can lead to poor results (tank overflow, high noise level, abnormal overheating etc.) which are both inconvenient for the end user and costly for the installer.



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